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Coverage All in the universe gets the benefit -

1) The conceptual, creative, strong, positive energy is for the benefit of all in the universe as shown in the diagram. The conceptual,


 creative, strong, positive energy enters in every thing and the energy field of every thing in the universe is brought to natural, ideal, positive 

How to get benefited state. There by solving all the problems but the process is slow, steady but positive and defforite.

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2) The problems are solved at very fast rate for those who do exercise for solving the problems (enclosed).

3) All in the universe gets benefit of the conceptual, creative, strong, positive energy covering all the aspects of human existence.

This is a matter of realisation and practical result achievements.

We are not specialist of any field so we don't claim or certify any of the subjects stated below but the practical experiments of the work

 of more than 18 years have been validated by the various specialities and largely appraised by the statements of the sufferers.

So all should carry out their own pre and post checkup and in form us so that we can guide for getting better and faster results