About us Selfless service to society and world through human and energy modalities to serve humanity for gaming 


Coverage happens in actual life and eternal happiness
Methodology - MAIN OBJECT - 1) Solving problems in life, 2) Making Nature Favorable and 3) Making Life Glorious.
Services THIS AIM IS ACHIEVED BY - 1) Making every once capable by his/her own and other problems without money &  medicine 
How to get benefited 2) Increasing efficiencies and capabilities in right direction. 
Well-being  3) Establishing co-operation, harmony,  brotherhood and sense of humanity. 
Contact us 4) Making Nature favorable to mankind. 5) Making life of all healthy, progressive,  prosperous and glorious.
1) Whole humanity especially poor and helpless. 2) All subjects of actual life and concerning life such as  
health, peace, progress, glorious life, agriculture, education etc. animals, birds, plants as well as 
in-animates like soil, water, etc
Energy management/balancing system. Direct, indirect and/or Relay of conceptual, creative strong, 
positive energy of Swami Hardas Life System (SHLS).  
Principles of Swami Hardas Life System are seemingly similar to the laws of energy in classical physical  
physics and the  ’.concepts of Quantum physics but the results achieved by Swami Hardas Life System are 
beyond the results achieved  on application of laws of energy in classical physics and the concepts of 
quantum physics. The results achieved by SHLS are totally unbelievable and astonishing. Some of which are 
 published in SHLS Scientific bulletin published every month ‘Astonishing Facts & Figure, 

Direct, indirect and/or relay conceptual, creative, strong, positive energy of SHLS.

Brings disturbed energy field of any / all body/bodies to their natural, ideal, positive state.

By changing the chemistry of the body/bodies.

By single intervention of the conceptual creative, strong, positive energy application.

Conceptual, creative, strong, positive energy on application goes into the body/bodies and interacts at

sub atomics /energy level.
Resulting into bringing the disturbed energy field to the natural, ideal, positive


1) Solving all the problems

2) Making nature favorable and

3) Making life of all glorious.

Bring conceptual creative energy

Requirements are nil

Totally harmless and safe
Expenses are nearly nil, hence, nearly ‘0’ budget system.

SERVICES OFFER - Services are offered on the based of selfless service, good deed, humanity and research.

This is a path breaking revolutionary energy application on mega scale for making life of all happy..

This is a great humanitarian scientific selfless service to mankind and it is supporting the great work of -

UNO, WHO and all international organisations.

All government and other organisation of energy country

  All the great persons doing the great work